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Month: August 2018

Change Your Life for the Good: Alkaline Diet

Change Your Life for the Good: Alkaline Diet

The internet is once again buzzing with sceptical claims about the so called “alkaline” diet. A chief need for some alternative medicine circles over the years, this diet is not exactly new to the sanctuary of the internet health. Practitioners of this food craze actually claim that following alkaline diet can actually help in preventing many serious illnesses including cancer through the regulation of your internal pH levels.

It might sound sceptical at first but on a serious note you would not need a PhD in chemistry to do a quick examination of the science behind this diet and how well it works with the human body.

What exactly is an Alkaline diet?

The first question that might pop up in someone’s head is the fact that what exactly an alkaline diet is. To start off, alkaline diet is pretty basic. Some compounds that get produced in our digestive system is either acidic or alkaline. As a quick chemistry recap remember that acids and bases are measured on their pH levels.

When an acidic compound is measured on a pH scale it gets represented from 0 to 7 while a basic compound gets represented from 7 to 14. Alkaline diet advocates say that the alkaline compound (7-14 on a pH … Travel More